Press Releases

“Once again, hats off to John Type. Keep up the really good work”

“This is one of the first examples of this style of routine that we’ve seen done well”

“Miditablism is a style that combines classic turntablism with modern DJ tools”

“John Type is taking the art of digital Djing and classic scratching to the next level”

Who is John Type?

John Type is a DJ Producer based in Italy, official releases on Irma RecordsArtist Intelligence AgencyUniversal Records. Inventor of MidiTablism, Italian DJ champion 1st place at Skratch Kombat 2003, 3rd place at DMC World DJ Championships 2008, runner-up at Red Bull 3Style Italy 2016. Member of Alien Army DJ crew, Ableton Artist, videos for Mixars and Pioneer DJ. In over 20 years of his career he has performed in various clubs and festivals in EuropeAsia, and the United States.

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John Type is Ableton Italian Artist since 2009